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PartyPreOrders Help Manual

Now, exactly what, do you want to do? Simply Choose from the below Contents…


1.       How to Register for a New PartyPreOrders Account

2.       How to Create Your First Menu – Part 1 - Populating Your Menu ‘Library’ with Course Items (& uploading images/logos)

3.       How to Create Your First Menu – Part 2 - Creating an Online Pre-Order Menu

4.       How to View & Test Your First Pre-Order Menu

5.       How to Make Subsequent Pre-Order Menus

6.       How to Retrieve & Print-Out Your Online Pre-Order Bookings

7.       How to View / Edit / Delete / ‘Mark as Processed’, a Party or Group’s Details

8.       How to View / Edit a Individual Diner’s Order or Details

9.       How to Printout Detailed Reports for ‘User Defined Ranges’ of Dates for Kitchen Purchasing

9a.      How to View Marketing Reports

10.     How to Change Your Company Information

11.     How to Remove ‘Headers & Footers’ from Printable Online Web Browser Pages

12.     Important Notices

CLICK HERE to view full Online Help Manual in PDF Format [2Mb] or CLICK HERE for Low Resolution Version (500Kb)


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