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PartyPreOrders Help Manual

10     How to Change Your Company Information / Maximum Tables Covers & Default Instructions

a)       Navigate to the ‘Company’ screen, which is a sub-branch of ‘Setup’, then click ‘Edit’ at the top right of the page and you should see the screen below:

[Image No.20]

b)       Here you can change your restaurant’s contact details, email address, etc. After maxing any changes, make sure you click on ‘Save’ to commit changes to the database.

c)       Max Diners – Change this default figure to set your own restaurant’s default maximum number of table covers. Then Click ‘Save; to commit changes to the database. This maximum figure will then appear as the default for all new pre-order menus.

d)       Default Menu Caption – For simple stand-alone pre-order webpages [as shown in screen image No.7 above] you will need instructions to help your customers fill-out the online forms. In the ‘Default Menu Caption’ text box you can tailor-make the instructions to your own restaurant’s requirements. After making any changes, make sure you click ‘Save’ to commit your changes to the database.

[Image No.21]

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