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PartyPreOrders Help Manual

2.      How to Create Your First Menu – Part 1 – Populating Your Menu ‘Library’ with Course Items (& uploading images/logos)…


a.       After logging-in for the first time you will see the following screen, which works fairly similarly to Microsoft Windows Explorer file manager. By clicking on the plus and minus symbols will open or close the individual branches of the navigational tree.


[Image No.2]


b.       You will next have to create a library of menu courses, so click on the ‘+’ sign next to ‘Setup’ navigate down to and eventually highlight ‘Starters’ on the left hand side & found within the ‘Courses’ submenu (as shown in Image No.3 below):

c.       You will note that each course is pre-populated with two default selections; ‘No Starter Required’ & ‘Special Starter’. [The ‘Special Starter’ option will allow diners to make special dietary requests in the additional information box on their pre-order menu.]


[Image No.3]


d.       You are now ready to populate your first menu. Add a short but also descriptive menu choice (as it will eventually appear on the individual diner’s tent card) and then press ‘insert’. Repeat this procedure for all of your ‘Starters’ and then repeat for ‘Mains’ and ‘Afters’ for you first pre-order menu.

e.   Your menu library will start to look like the one in the image below for Starters:


[Image No.3a]



  • Pre-ordering bottles of wine and water is a great way to be even more efficient and ensure that you don't run out of stock!.

  • Adding the pre-order Drinks option is entirely OPTIONAL and if not used, the 'Drinks tab will not appear on your customers' online pre-orders forms.

  • 'Drinks' pre-orders can be enabled/disabled for any individual pre-order menu, which is set-up in pre-order menu design - see latter

  1. ADDING CATEGORIES OF WINE. First of all you will need to create your categories; such as 'Reds', Whites', 'Sparkling',  'Water'; etc.. Click on drinks and you will see the image below:


  1. Type your categories into the 'Name' box, then press 'Insert' to save to database.  When you have several categories, you can change the title or the order they appear on the pre-order menu, by clicking edit 'Edit' then saving your changes; as in the image below.]

  1. ADDING INDIVIDUAL WINES. Next to populate for instance your selection of 'Reds', click on ''Reds' on the left hand Side and you will see the below image, which has also been populated with several types of Red wine 

  2. Some restaurants prefer to add volume and price to their descriptions, but you must remember to update your prices when necessary.

  3. If you are temporarily out-of-stock, you can 'disable' an individual wine, until resupplied or you can always delete the wine, if you are no longer going to stock it.

  4. Finally complete your wine selection library for your Sparkling wines, etc.



The back of the tent card is an important place to advertise yourselves with your own logo, celebrate the event, like Easter with a clipart of a bunny or even personalise with a birthday bash with photo of  the guest of honour.

  1. These photos can be selected at printout of the Table Cards, but here is where you can add images to our stock library of photos

  2. First, within 'Setup', select 'Images' on the left hand side.

  3. Initially, you will have no images of your own, so select 'New' on the top right and you will see the below screen.

  4. 'Browse' to a picture or image on your hard drive, then if it is to be your default image on your tent cards, put a tick in the 'default image' box. Or, if it is a one-off leave bank.

  5. Once selected, make sure you press 'SAVE' to upload your image to your image library.

  • N.B. You can select any JPG, GIF or bitmap image file, preferably less than 50Kb in size (larger images will slow down the system to the detriment of other users, but especially yourself in speed of download of the images).

  • All images will be automatically resized to fit your tent cards and inverted, so that they appear the right way around for use as the back of your tent card.



  1. After saving your photos to your library on our server, they will appear as below. If you should like to edit these files for renaming, setting as your default image or even deleting.



Once you have populated your library, which will be an on-going process, you are now able to create your first pre-order menu...


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