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PartyPreOrders Help Manual  

11.        How to Remove ‘Headers & Footers’ from Printable Online Web Browser Pages

a.       INTERNET EXPLORER - Click the down arrow next to the Printer Icon and select ‘Page Setup’, This opens a properties window, where you will see code in the header and footer boxes. Delete this code and then select ‘OK’ to exit.

b.       MOZILLA FIREFOX - Click ‘File’ then ‘Page Setup’. When the properties box opens select the ‘Margins & Header & Footer’ tab. A the bottom of the box in the ‘Headers & Footers’ section there are six drop-down boxes. In each field select the “- -blank- -“ option, unless of course you might perhaps prefer page numbering to appear…

 12.        Important Notices

a)    IMPORTANT NOTICE – Though we strive to have a 100% uninterrupted web service, it cannot however be 100% guaranteed, especially due to, for instance, reasons beyond our control, such as random Acts of God. It is therefore strongly advised that you produce your printouts at least two days in advance of when they are required, especially at peak periods such as before Christmas, when every client will be accessing our database system.

However, for your information, back-ups of our database are made every 24 hours and in the worst possible scenario, copies of all pre-orders will have been sent to you by email at the time the pre-orders were submitted online (and which we urge you to save in case you should need to rely on them, for instance in case you have no access to the internet)

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