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Price List

  • Party Pre-orders has a simple 15p (plus VAT) per pre-order diner. That's about it!

  • There is No monthly standing-order & Nor any ongoing contract.

  • You only pay for what you use - the subsequent setting-up of any number of additional pre-Order menus is absolutely free; you only ever pay us after when you get pre-booked!

  • 'Try Before You Buy' - Fully Functional FREE TRIAL - Or Your First 100 PartyPre-Order Diners are COMPLETELY FREE.
  • You only start paying us on a monthly usage invoice by direct debit (plus we wont even charge you a penny, when you use less than 33 diner pre-orders per calander month are made on your account (which @ 15p per diner is equivalent to our minimum direct debit charge to you of £5! Under that your first 33 pre-orders, it's completely free)
  • Payments are invoiced monthly and payment is by direct debit - See here for our full ppayment terms.

Do you have more than one outlet or can reccomend us? Then, we will happily credit your account with 2p for every pre-order diner for which we recieve extra revenue.

Do you want to EARN COMMISSION? Agents are always welcome to sell our sevices and would personally be paid 2p for every paid-for preorder!

Do you own or run a chain of restaurants? Then, please give us a call and we would be glad to discuss your group's individual & bespoke requirements.

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