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Don't just our word for it; just read what our current featured client restaurants say about us!

We even suggest that for your reassurance, you call them to confirm that our system is certainly part of their 'bread & butter' of their culinary business, if not one of their indispensible 'icings on the cake'!

And, if you still don't believe us, then gladly check out their website menu pages & discover their current usage of our unique Party Pre-Order system. Or, simply just call them and then you can decide for yourself...

Tom Browns Brasserie at Gunthorpe, Nottinghamshire

Tom Browns is one of Nottinghamshire's best out-of-town restaurants currently awarded with two AA rosettes and in 2007 won the ITV Central News Viewers' Restaurant of the Year.


They have been successfully using our Party Pre-Order system since 2007.


In 2008, 677 parties at Tom Browns used our online system catering for over 5000 of their diners. And remember, our sytem includes the automatic online production of individual tents cards and kitchen tickets for printing - Just imagine how much money that you would save compared to having to pay your staff to hand-write them all!


Tom Browns doesn't just use our system for the busy Christmas period, but also throughout the year for weddings, functions & special events, such as Mothers' Day and their annual Summer Ball.


Click here to view their website (and look out for their use of our pre-order system on some of their menu pages).


And, don't just take our word for it, please feel free to call the proprietors, Adam & Robin Perkins or their restaurant manager, Dan for an independent opinion on 0115 - 966 - 3642.

Farndon Boathouse, Farndon, Nottinghamshire

The Farndon Boathouse is a thriving modern eatery and chic bar, situated on the banks of the River Trent, outside Newark.


During Christmas 2008, they asked for all larger parties to pre-order; resulting in nearly 200 parties submitting their orders online and then efficiently catering for over 1500 party-revellers.


Please Click here for their website and perhaps take a look at their current pre-order on their Earlybirds menu... But, certainly feel free to call any of their management staff (either Nathan, Adam, Antony or even head chef, Dan Garner) on 01636 - 676578 who would be happy to pass-on their very favourable experience of using PartyPreOrders.Com.


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