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Our Benefits

Catering successfully for a large group creates repeat individual business! It is also a chance to impress a ‘captive audience’ of many new customers to your business to your ambience and culinary wares. Having satisfied diners most certainly guarantees them recommending you to others as a fabulous venue for all occasions!

Greater Efficiency:

  • Easy to use and simple to set up and

  • YOU ONLY PAY FOR WHAT YOU USE! No Obligations Too!

  • PLUS YOU GET YOUR FIRST 100 PRE-ORDERS FREE-OF-CHARGE. You have nothing to lose, but your bewilderment as to why you have run tour business without us, before!

  • No misunderstandings taking pre-orders over the phone. Our stats show us that 5/6th of PartyPreOrders are succesfully made directly online by the customer themselves, saving you both time and money!

  • No illegible hand-written, sent-in, pre-orders.

  • An end to lost pre-orders as they are centrally stored and backed-up online on a daily basis for your peace of mind – additionally, an offline, back-up copy of every pre-order is emailed both to your restaurant and also your customer; so on the day of their 'do', you & they both know exactly what was pre-ordered. No arguments nor mis-understanings, simply catering without chaos.

  • No software installation necessary! If you've got internet access & a printer to hand, then that's it, you are all systems go!

  • Instant copies and easy-to-make revisions to any pre-order – you need only print out the Kitchen ticket, the Waiting staffs' copy and the invidual tent-card pre-orders...

  • Less on-the-night mistakes when serving orders, minimises wastage and saves you not only money, but also precious time! Isn't it just amazing how a customer can instantly forget their own pre-order choice, upon seeing a more mouth-watering offering pass their very eyes!?]

  • Smoothly run service always eliminates unnecessary stress, leading to a more relaxed restaurant atmosphere and so creating a better ambience.

  • Diners only receive the food they want - as items are never unexpectedly off the menu.

  • Quicker table turnaround at peak times increases your revenue.

  • Organsiers of Office / family parties often do so reluctantly and just want an easy time or rightful appreciation of their good work has resulted in a good time, not just from their colleagues, but more importantly from their employers! PartyPreOrders helps put party organiser's minds at ease and you'll be more likely to be their venue of choice!
  • Demonstrating professionalism and efficiency at peak times gives an excellent impression of your restaurant, resulting in you being diners' minds when deciding upon which restaurants to visit on their next outing, which is especially important in those quieter months after Christmas.

Saves Time and Money:

  • Kitchen

  • Bulk-Buy your food due to more accurate knowledge of orders in advance – PartyPreOrders even gives you a daily / weekly / monthly or annual meal reports showing the most popular dishes on your menu.

  • Kitchen staff can prep food in advance for a more efficiently run kitchen on the night

  • Front of House

    • No time wasted taking orders on the night.

    • Utilise staff time for other tasks – such as ensuring diners always have a full glass!

    • No need to write out labels.

    • Less mistakes means less wastage.

    • Save on administration tasks as customers are filling in orders.  Lower wage bills

Event Opportunities

  • Special Occasions: Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Hen and Stag Parties Valentines Day

  • Effortless procedure for creating place names at special events.

  • Outshine competitors who don’t cater for large parties.

Promote Business & Generate More Trade

  • Offer pre-order promotions at lunchtimes for those tight on time.

  • Tie-in offers with local sporting and cultural events.

  • Potential customers who need to be somewhere for a certain time (the opening curtain at the theatre or start of a sports match), need a guarantee they can be in and out to arrive at their event in good time. The offer of a peace of mind refund will inspire confidence and bring extra trade.

  • Guests will be highly attracted to a restaurant that offers a hassle-free, enjoyable dining experience – making their special night out even more memorable!

Cherry on the Top:

  • You can even put your own restaurant's logo on the back of the tent cards for FREE (or any other image of your choice) after you sign up for our full service.


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